Save Miles FAQ

Are you against gay and trans people?

Not at all. Miles’ father is against pushing vulnerable autistic children toward a lifetime of regret and dependency on the medical system. PUBERTY BLOCKERS have NOT been approved for use on children. Research is quickly discovering a wide array of harmful side effects–including sterilization. Miles might want to be a father himself someday. A child is incapable of understanding the ramifications of such a choice–that’s why parents make important choices for them.

 Why is Miles’ mother doing this to her son?

It’s hard to know why exactly. She has a history of hostility toward men and masculinity. She’s taken medication for OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) for over a decade. Miles’ father witnessed her rigid, controlling, obsessive personality first-hand. One theory is she suffers from some modern form of Munchausen by proxy and gains the attention and victim status she craves via her son’s real victimization by the medical system. She’s also isolated from anyone that truly cares about Miles, leaving her and Miles wide open to being victimized by opportunists. Lastly, she’s used the family court system in Minnesota to successfully alienate Miles’ father from his life with threat of contempt if he didn’t raise his son as a girl.

When did Miles’ mother begin abusing Miles?

Miles’ father first started noticing Miles’ mother feminizing Miles around the age of 4. It might have started sooner but kept a secret inside her home. There are pictures and videos of her prodding him to sing Disney princess songs and putting him in girl’s clothing as early as age 4. It’s important to remember; Miles is formally diagnosed with APD (autism spectrum disorder) and has an observed obsessive personality by professionals. He’s more easily influenced than a child without APD. Miles’ mother has used these personality traits to focus Miles on what are traditionally female interests, which slowly graduated to what is now being called “Gender Dysphoria” and threat of chemical castration. Miles has reached “tanner stage 2” and time is short.

How is what Miles’ mother doing to Miles legal?

This is another astounding mystery and assault on basic common sense. Miles’ father has been unable to have his hard won and well-established parental rights enforced by the Stearns County Family Courts. Centracare in St. Cloud, Minnesota have told him repeatedly that they only need one parent’s approval and consent to practice any medical treatment or gender therapy they deem “standard of care” (including PUBERTY BLOCKERS). Bare minimum, Clear and enforceable laws need to be passed NOW to stop all hormone “therapies” from being administered to minors. This case, along with the SaveJames case can set a much needed legal precedent to protect more children.

 What do you use donations toward this campaign for?

Miles’ father will use all donations for legal expenses, child-care expenses, and the day-to-day expenses required to continue fighting for Miles. Like the SaveJames campaign, this fight isn’t just for Miles, it’s to establish much needed and overdue laws that will protect thousands of children now and in years to come.

What are your chances in court?

That’s a good question. So far, the Stearns family court have completely steamrolled the parental rights of Miles’ father, not allowing him to have a say in Miles’ well-being. Even more perplexing, the same family court outlined clearly years earlier what his parental rights are which should give him equal authority and participation in these extremely important life matters. The Stearns county family court is yet to uphold or enforce them. Miles’ father hopes these efforts to bring awareness to the public will help him gain proper legal representation the next time they go to court.

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