Centracare You have been put on Notice

Update: Despite centracare being advised of my 50 / 50 parenteal rights. The still choose to ingore it and have planned new ” Gender Theapry” session for miles on the 16th march 200 and the XX of march 2020.

I have contact my Attourney robert robby and he has issued a “Cease and Disist notice to the clinic” We are anxoius as to the outcome. I hope now they will think we are serious and not ingore me. They have to have my concent to do this to miles and I DO NOT CONCENT under any circumstances.

We have tried calling htem emailing them, We have enve call miles school and social worker all falling on deaf ears. THe school advised they have to afirm miles as female or get sued. The scaoil worker assigned tot he case cant be reached. Miles mother cant cope with him she is sending him to a home for bad behaviour. she locks herself in her room at night and let him stay up till all hours.

I belve if he had me in his life i could correct some of his issues. Please donate if you can so i can save my son from this nighmare! See this video for what they are planning

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